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The Houshmand Medical Genetics Laboratories have been experience to providing the medical genetics community with high quality comprehensive diagnostic services for over 10 years. We aim to provide quality genetic testing services relevant to twenty-first century medicine.

The Biochemical Genetics Laboratory performs specific testing for the purpose of diagnosing and monitoring patients with inborn errors of metabolism. The laboratory provides testing for the quantitative determination of a broad array of analytes.

The Cytogenetics Laboratory offers comprehensive diagnostic services. The laboratory also serves as a reference source for complicated cases to other laboratories for resolution of complex cytogenetic findings.

The DNA DiagnosticLaboratory provides DNA-based testing for the molecular diagnosis, carrier testing, and prenatal testing of hereditary disorders. The laboratory currently provides DNA tests for over 200 genetic diseases, with continuing development of new tests and implementation of improved testing methodologies.

Mitochondrial disorders are a group of genetically and clinically heterogeneous multi-systemic disorders. The Mitochondrial Laboratory offers the most comprehensive molecular DNA analysis of the common point mutations and large deletions in the mitochondrial genome, the whole mitochondrial genome sequence analysis, and DNA sequence analysis of nuclear genes that are involved in mitochondrial DNA biosynthesis, respiratory chain enzyme complexes assembly, and metabolic disorders, including urea cycle, fatty acid oxidation, creatine pathway, etc.

Latest Event
13th International Workshop on Advanced Diagnosis of Genetics Disorder
Monday, September 1st, 2014

13th International Workshop on Advanced Diagnosis of Genetics Disorders
will be held on February 6-10 2015 in Tehran, Iran

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Winner of ISESCO prizes in Science & Technology 2014
Thursday, December 4th, 2014

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